Fit India movement is a Nation-wide movement in India to encourage people to remain healthy and fit by including physical activities and sports in their lives.

In our school, Vivekananda Kala Ashram, we are organizing Fit India movement activities in a grand manner. We have scheduled various fitness plans to be incorporated among the Students, Parents and Teachers in their daily routine. The programme included Yoga, Indian traditional games, Individual games, Poster making competition and other class-wise activities.

Our Physical Education Trainers (PET) took online classes and showed demonstrations of different Yogasanas to the students daily. During online classes, students participation is appreciable and remarkable.

A healthy diet is essential for good health and well being. Physical Education Trainers encouraged the students to take healthy diet every day. Our subject teachers also motivated our students to take nutritious and vitamin rich food to enhance their immunity and to live a healthy life particularly in this Pandemic period. We also conducted online competitions in Salad making, preparing herbal soup etc.

Our students actively participated in various physical activities and showed their interest in sports and games especially in Indian traditional games like Gilli, Paandi, Goli, Skipping, Cycling, Nondi, Pallankuzhi etc.

Our Physical Education Trainers introduced 'Khelo India App' and created awareness about the importance of fitness among students. This was very useful not only for the students but also created awareness among Indians about fitness and sports.

We feel very happy and proud to conduct these activities in our school. We are privileged to thank our Prime Minister Sri. Narendra Modi Ji, who had launched the 'Fit India Movement' for the welfare of the society. Sports cultivate passion and dedication, which are the key features for achievement in any field. Encouraging young generation in sports not only provides healthy lifestyle but also improves sports mannership and leadership qualities.