Our Campus

As we enter the Gurukulam, we are surrounded on all sides by trees of every description growing rich avenue after avenue enclosing the entire complex in a cool, green ambience. It all reminds us of Swami Vivekananda’s observation that “it will be appropriate if students receive education in natural surroundings”. The primordial deity, Lord Hanuman is the one who gives dharshan to us at the very first instance. We bow to Him and look up, we find children of the Gurukulam welcoming us with a “Hari Om” in a ringing tone. They are students of class V, VI and VII


Teachers who take classes in academic lessons, teachers who train them in Yoga, Samskritam, Swimming, quite of few games and fine arts like Mrithangam, Villupattu are all inmates of Gurukulam like the children are. Persons who guide the children in gardening and tending Cows are also Gurukulavasis. In other words, it is Gurukulam in every sense of the term.